"Those politicizing issue should read provisions of NITI Aayog": Chirag Paswan on Bihar's special status

    Chirag Paswan on Bihar’s special status
    The Hawk
    July16/ 2024

    New Delhi: Urging Opposition and the politicians who are politicizing the 'special status' issue to read the provisions of the NITI Aayog, Union Minister Chirag Paswan preferred special package than demanding 'special status' for the development for the state of Bihar. In an interview with ANI, Paswan said that a special package should be demanded that can be used immediately for public works. "The demand for special status in Bihar has been long-standing. Those who politicize this issue should read the provisions of the NITI Aayog. With this demand, you are distancing yourself from even the things that we can obtain. Let's be practical and focus on what we can get immediately. We are demanding a special package on behalf of the NDA government for Bihar," he said. Also Read: []  "Such packages should be utilized immediately so that people can benefit from them right away. Everyone demands special status from an economic benefit perspective. We should demand special packages, and we will place this before the central government, and I hope that it will be given to us," Chirag added. Further, he also mentioned that in the near future, half of Bihar will drown and half will be dry and they need to work on the plan to connect rivers. "We need to channelize water from flood-prone areas to drought-prone areas," he said. The Union Minister also recalled his father Ram Vilas Paswan's slogan, "Bihar first, Bihar f ...

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