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    'Government Of Balochistan In Exile Established'

    Prof Naela Quadri Baloch
    Sunil Aswal
    April15/ 2022

    Chennai: Senior leader of the Balochistan freedom movement Prof Naela Quadri Baloch, who is in exile in Canada, has said that a Government of Balochistan in Exile(GBE) has been established on March 21. The Baloch leader, in a statement on Friday, said that she would be the head of the government and the Government in Exile is established somewhere in Europe. She said that the exact geographical place of the Government in Exile cannot be revealed at present due to security reasons as well as to fulfill international requirements. The Balochistan Government in Exile has already established diplomatic relationships with three countries. The head of the Government of Balochistan in Exile said that the names and details of the ministers and other senior office-bearers will be announced soon. Prof Naela Quadri Baloch said that the representatives of the GBE are in the process to lobby with governments and international agencies. She said that all Baloch parties, groups, and forums will be contacted and invited to support and run the government on democratic principles. The process of establishment of the government commenced many years back and it was openly demanded by her during her visit to India in 2016. She said that the Government of India kept quiet on the demand. Prof Baloch said that she, along with various other Balochistan movements and groups, were working tirelessly for the establishment of the Government of Balochistan in Exile and this hard work has fructified now. This, she said, was the only way to end the colonial occupation and unite the 40 million Baloch people living in three regions of Balochistan. Prof Naela Quadri Baloch said that she had gained support from Baloch groups living in Afghanistan and Western Balo ...

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