Pakistan Army says it used drones, rockets to hit militant groups in Iran

    The Hawk
    January18/ 2024
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    Employing advanced weaponry, including killer drones and rockets, Pakistan targets Balochistan Liberation Army and Balochistan Liberation Front. The operation aims to curb terrorism with minimal collateral damage, emphasizing the need for dialogue and cooperation between the neighboring nations.


    Islamabad: Pakistan's army on Thursday said it carried out precision strikes in Iran using killer drones, rockets, loitering munitions and stand-off weapons that struck "terrorist" groups Balochistan Liberation Army and the Balochistan Liberation Front.

    It said maximum care was taken to avoid collateral damage and urged "dialogue and cooperation" in resolving issues between the two "brotherly countries". Pakistan's strikes came two days after Iranian missiles and drones targeted what its state media said were two bases of militant group Jaish al Adl.