Report outlining steps to prevent war with China over Taiwan released

    Inam Ansari
    May28/ 2023

    Washington: A special report titled "Ten for Taiwan", which outlines steps needed to prevent war with China over Taiwan, has been released by a Select Subcommittee, New York Post reported. Following the report's release, US Representative Mike Gallagher told the Post about the importance of a bipartisan approach and how he doesn't believe foreign policy should be left to President Biden alone. Gallagher in an interview with The Post said: "Here you have Article One [of the Constitution] - the legislative branch - coming out identifying what we need to do to push back on CCP aggression and that sort of inherent recognition foreign policy is not the sole province of the executive." The report, titled "Ten for Taiwan," offers lawmakers a blueprint on what Congress can do to deter Beijing from launching an assault on the self-governed, democratic island just 100 miles off of China's Southeastern coast, the subcommittee chairman said, according to New York Post. "Congress needs to claw back some of its authority and particularly, we want our grand strategy vis-a-vis China to last longer than a single administration. We want it to rest on a bipartisan framework because this competition is not a short one," Gallagher said. While Beijing has never governed the island, it considers Taiwan as China's sovereign territory despite Taipei's objections. The US acknowledges China's stance under the "One China Policy," but Washington considers the island's sovereignty status unsettled, as per New York Post. For years, defence experts and top military officials have warned of Chinese President Xi Jinping's intent to "reunify" with Taiwan either diplomatically or by force, the latter of which the US has a responsibility to defend against under the 1978 ...

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