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Matrimonial Ads

Discover Your Soulmate by posting advertisements in the newspaper, websites and on the digital media platform.

Sarfaesi Notice

Bank Notices like Auction Notice, Demand Notice, Gold Auction Notice, Possession Notices etc

Name Change Ad

Name change ads are classified ads in newspapers etc that announce a name change for passport etc

Situation Vacant Ad

Situation vacant ads, often called job vacancy ads that promote job opportunities and seek individuals.

Obituary Ad

Obituaries ads are those ads that announce a person's death and the life achievements, and family are usually included.

Lost And Found Ad

Lost-and-found ads are like classifieds that help people find lost things or get them back to their owners.

Public Notice Ad

Public notice ads can cover legal notices, law or regulation changes, meetings, land notice or zoning changes, and more.

Court Notice Ad

Court notice ads are placed to provide information about court hearings, summonses, judgments etc

Missing Person Ad

Missing-person ads are information about the disappearance, such as the date and time the person.

Property Ad

Advertise a house for rent or sell a property online. Advertise a property on The Hawk.

Brand Ad

Brand ads—also called advertising campaigns or  brand marketing—promote a brand or product.

Education Ad

Education Ads — To promote educational institutions such as schools, colleges, universities, and training courses.

Motor Vehicle Ad

Motor vehicle ads are those advertisements which includes sale and purchase of cars, bikes etc.

Travel & Tourism Ad

Travel and tourism commercials promote places and travel services to motivate people to travel.

Retail Ad

Retail advertising is to promote products and services, attract new customers, and boost sales.

Shopping Ad

Shopping ads are used to boost traffic to e-commerce sites, sales, and product visibility.

Beauty Salons Ad

Beauty parlours & salons ads offer a variety of services, deals on hair spas & treatments along with make-up services.

Entertainment Ad

Entertainment advertising target new movies, video games, celebrities, and influencers.

Physical Fitness Ad

Fitness ads encompasses fitness sector marketing. It covers gym memberships and supplements.

Service Ad

Service Ads are ideal for locksmiths, plumbers, pest control, deep cleaning, AC repair, etc.

Computer Ad

Computer advertising offer laptops, desktops, software, peripherals, and IT support services.

Astrology Ad

Astrology advertising feature horoscope readings, birth chart interpretations, tarot readings, psychic readings etc

Tender Notice Ad

Tender notices are used by government agencies and businesses to get the best price for their procurement needs

Government Ad

Government ads for public health, social welfare, recruitment, and public service announcements.

Political Party Ad

Political party or its supporters make and publish political party ads to promote their ideas, policies, and candidates.

Election Ad

Election advertisements are prepared and published by political parties or candidates to influence voters.


DAVP advertisements inform the public on government policies, programmes, and activities.

Financial Ad

Financial institutions like banks, investment businesses, insurance companies, and others print financial ads.
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