Guest Post

    Pankaja-Pritam Pang

    Sunil Aswal
    June3/ 2023

    Soumitra Bose New Delhi (The Hawk): Pankaja-Pritam Pang's Fast Becoming Overt So Much So That Their Stronghold Marathwada Region In Maharashtra Is Fast Slipping Out Of The BJP's Support-Base. Names of the districts slipping out of the BJP are: Beed, Jalna, Aurangabad, Parbhani, Hingoli, Latur, Osmanabad. Why Pankaja Munde-Pritam Munde are revolting and are easing out of their "paternal fiefdom BJP grousing, grumbling, grunting"? Because both have been systematically sidelined, waylaid by the BJP High Command despite sky high promises of immense prominence to them to the contrary, confide insiders close to them, the reason for that being their late Central Minister father Gopinath Munde never enjoyed "good rapport with present party leadership for reasons of course best known only to them. As long as he lived, entire Marathwada's responsibility to make the BJP win therein was imposed on Gopinath Munde-Pankaja Munde-Pritam Munde and they made BJP invincible in Marathwada.Their hold in that region still remains but the BJP's patronage has vanished as othe entities in the party in that region are being openly propped there by the party high command for reasons known only to them and not disclosed to the Munde-sisters. Officially, they are told to patiently tolerate the situations as they are." This has stretched the Mundes' patience beyond limit. Now they are looking for "greener pastures for themselves" in the Congress, Shiv Sena, NCP, even, the RPI led by Central Minister Ramdas Athwale. Officially, Pritam Munde, BJP MP, is supporting the women wrestlers against the BJP MP and BJP. Pankaja Munde's saying BJP doesn't belong to her. ...The pangs of revolt in them will grow more as days proceed, say ...

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