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    Leaders and celebrities begin to arrive in Ayodhya

    The Hawk
    January21/ 2024
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    Celebrities and Leaders Flock to Ayodhya for Historic Ram Mandir Consecration. The nation buzzes with excitement as iconic figures from Bollywood, sports, and politics embark on a journey to witness this cultural milestone.

    Ayodhya Ram Mandir

    Ayodhya: Ayodhya is gearing up for a gathering of personalities, leaders, actors, athletes and politicians on January 22nd to witness the consecration of the Ram Mandir. The excitement is building up as invitations have already been sent out to individuals to attend this special ceremony.

    Leading up, to this event airports have been witnessing a flurry of activity as celebrities travel from major cities like Mumbai and Chennai to Ayodhya. On Sunday notable figures such as Randeep Hooda and Lin Laishram were spotted at both Mumbai and Ayodhya airports. Randeep opted for a look with a t shirt and blue jeans while Lin chose a more vibrant outfit for their journey.

    Before departing for Ayodhya Anupam Kher expressed his excitement by saying, "We have waited for this day for years and now its finally here." Anupam shared a video on Instagram showing an airplane filled with devotees heading towards Ayodhya with the caption "I have arrived in Ayodhya with all the devotees of Lord Ram."

    Speaking to the press at Lucknow airport Shefali Shah expressed her honor in being part of this moment while highlighting its importance, for the country and its citizens.

    Musical maestros Shankar Mahadevan and Anu Malik were also seen at Lucknow airport expressing their happiness and enthusiasm.
    Shankar Mahadevan happily expressed, "We are filled with joy and excitement. My wife and I feel incredibly fortunate to be part of this moment."

    Apart, from those leaving Mumbai, Rajinikanth and Dhanush were spotted at the Chennai airport as they embarked on their journey to Ayodhya on Sunday. Meanwhile Kangana Ranaut has already arrived in Ayodhya adding to the star studded list of guests.

    The guest list includes personalities like Amitabh Bachchan, Chiranjeevi, Jackie Shroff, Ram Charan, Anushka Sharma, Alia Bhatt, Ranbir Kapoor, Virat Kohli and other notable figures who are expected to grace the occasion with their presence. The consecration of the Ram Mandir holds cultural significance that has captured the attention and participation of people from all, across the nation.
    —Inputs from Agencies