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    Health Secretary Instructs Chief Medical Officers To Take Steps To Prevent Conjunctivitis

    Inam Ansari
    August3/ 2023
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    Eye flu

    Dehradun: Uttarakhand Health Secretary R Rajesh Kumar on Friday instructed Chief Medical Officers of the state to take steps for the prevention of conjunctivitis and to make people aware of the disease.

    The Health Secretary has also given instructions to ensure availability of medicines in the hospitals.

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    "As you know, conjunctivitis (eye flu) disease is currently a major public health problem in the state. The disease may be caused due to allergy, bacterial or viral infection. Conjunctivitis is spread by contact with the eye fluids of an infected person and can be contagious," the Health Secretary said in his instruction.

    The instruction asked the officers to ensure the availability of essential medicines to treat the disease.

    "For the prevention and control of conjunctivitis disease, ensure the availability of essential medicines at the hospital level. For the prevention of conjunctivitis, awareness should be created among the general public," the instruction said. 

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    Conjunctivitis cases in Uttarakhand have recently surged to almost 30%. Ophthalmologists have warned people against crowded places and self-medication. The experts also warned against self-medication. —ANI