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    20 cases lodged in K'taka by two groups after clashes over procession route

    The Hawk
    October7/ 2022

    Kolar (Karnataka): Twenty criminal cases have been lodged after a clash occurred between Dalits and upper caste members over the procession route on Dussehra, police said on Friday.

    According to police, nine atrocity cases have been lodged by Dalits, and 11 attempt to murder cases have been filed against the Dalits by upper caste persons.

    The incident took place on Wednesday in connection with the celebration of Dussehra festivities and procession. The police stated that the villagers had organised a procession of Gangamma Devi and Kateramma Devi.

    The elders of the village had assembled to discuss finalising the route map of the procession in the village. Dalit youth had objected that Dalits were being neglected during the procession as it arrived last in their locality and is made to pass hurriedly without giving any time to them to offer prayers.

    The Upper caste group did not agree to this and maintained that the procession had to be carried out exactly in the same way it had been carried over the years.

    This led to arguments and the two groups attacked each other with bricks, stones and wooden logs. The police had to rush to the spot and control the situation. Later, police intervened to make changes in the procession.

    The district authorities held a peace meeting in the village between the upper caste people and Dalits. They warned of the consequences of discrimination and villagers agreed to carry out the procession in all streets. Further investigation is on.