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    Multiple schools across Delhi-NCR receive bomb threat, students evacuated; Delhi Police begin probe

    The Hawk
    May1/ 2024
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    School Threatened Delhi

    New Delhi: Multiple schools across Delhi received a bomb threat via e-mail on Wednesday morning, following which students were evacuated.
    Bomb detection teams, bomb disposal squads and officials of Delhi Fire Service have been rushed to schools and search operations are underway, a police officer said.

    As of now, around nine schools have received bomb threats, according to a Delhi Fire official.
    "In the initial investigation, since yesterday, many schools across Delhi have received emails. A same pattern was followed to send threat mails. Dateline is not mentioned... BCC is mentioned in the e-mail and hence it is clear that one email has been sent to many places," the police said.
    "Many schools have received bomb threats. We are investigating all the threats and further probe into the matter is underway," the police added.
    All schools in Delhi-NCR to which threat emails have been sent have been closed as a precaution and the children have been sent back and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is being followed, authorities said.

    One of the schools informed parents regarding the threat by mail and precautionary measures that has been taken by the school to handle the situation in a smooth manner.
    "An email was received this morning regarding a bomb threat in school. As such the students are being dispersed immediately as a precautionary measure. You are requested to kindly collect your wards from your respective bus stops. Parents are requested to kindly come and collect their wards immediately. The Bus Route Incharges will keep you updated about the movement of the buses from time to time," the communiation to the parents read.

    We got a message from the school that due to unavoidable situation, the school will remain closed today. We were not aware of the situation but later we got to know that there was a bomb threat to the school. Recently, some schools received a bomb threat email but it turned out to be a hoax," Praveen, a parent of a school going child said. (ANI)