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    Congress Continuously Made Efforts To Insult Culture Of India, Defame Sanatan Dharma: UP CM

    Inam Ansari
    May1/ 2024
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    UP CM Yogi

    Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath hit out at the Congress and accused it of following a policy of appeasement and made deliberate attempts to insult the civilisation, culture of India and defaming Sanatana Dharma.
    CM Yogi Adityanath said, "Congress, which is the oldest political party of the country, unfortunately, after independence, became directionless and today it has also become leaderless. The adverse effect of directionlessness is that several leaders of the Congress Party continuously made efforts to curse, insult the civilisation and culture of India and defame Sanatana Dharma in every way."
    He slammed senior Congress leader Sushilkumar Shinde for his controversial 'Hindu terror' remark when he was the Union Home Minister. "The same unfortunate situation was seen during the UPA government when a senior Congress leader and the then Union Home Minister tried to insult the culture of India in the name of saffron terrorism and also made an attempt to defame it in front of the world. Today, under the leadership of PM Modi, India's civilization and culture are gaining respect in the world. India's pride has been restored whether it is in Jammu and Kashmir, the North-East or Naxal-hit areas," he added.
    The UP CM further said that the Congress followed a policy of appeasement, which became a cause of partition.
    "It was an attempt to insult the tradition of India by insulting the civilisation and culture of India and the Sanatan Dharma. This was the Congress's policy of appeasement, which became the cause of partition. The Congress leadership became a puppet of such elements and by insulting the Sanatana and culture of India, they have become a puppet in the hands of those people who were responsible for the partition of the country and who have always cursed India and Indianness," said CM Yogi.
    Ahead of his visit to Maharashtra to campaign for the Lok Sabha elections, CM Adityanath said that there is a wave towards PM Narendra Modi due to several schemes benefiting the poor.
    "NDA is contesting elections in the entire country under the leadership of the BJP. Our leader is PM Modi. There is a very positive feeling in the minds of the general public about the unprecedented work that has been done for the honour of the country, for the development of the country, to secure the country, and pro-poor schemes and NDA is getting the benefit of it. All the candidates of the party and NDA are getting the blessings of the voters," he added. —ANI