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    'Eat fish, pig or elephant but why make it a show': Rajnath Singh takes dig at Tejashwi Yadav

    The Hawk
    April14/ 2024
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    Rajnath Singh at Bihar rally asserts world's faith in Modi's return, criticizes opposition, and highlights BJP's fulfilment of promises including the controversial Triple Talaq law, amidst ongoing election fervor.

    Defence Minister Rajnath Singh

    Jamui (Bihar): Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Sunday claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been receiving invitations for functions scheduled abroad next year, which shows that the "entire world believes his return to power is inevitable".

    Addressing an election rally in Bihar's Jamui district, the former BJP president said, "Election season is known to be volatile everywhere. People view these times with a degree of consternation, but not so in the case of India. The entire world believes PM Modi will be back for a third consecutive term in office."

    He is already being invited abroad for functions that are to be held next year, Singh claimed.

    Without mentioning RJD president Lalu Prasad's son and heir apparent Tejashwi Yadav by name, the former BJP president referred to a "display of enjoying a meal of fish during Navratri, perhaps hoping that the sight will be enjoyed by people of other faiths".

    "You may eat fish, a pig or an elephant. But what is the point you are trying to prove by making a show of your act at a time when people are observing austerities,' exclaimed Singh.

    The Defence Minister asserted that under Modi, India has transformed into a power "capable of repulsing cross-border terrorism as was seen during the surgical strikes".

    "Another example of India's rise in global stature was the release of retired navy officials, who were awarded death sentence by a court in Qatar, following a telephone call from Modi to the head of the West Asian state," said Singh.

    Speaking hours after the release of BJP's 'Sankalp Patra' in Delhi in the presence of the PM, Singh, who headed the manifesto committee, said, "Unlike other parties, we fulfil the promises we make, be it Ram temple at Ayodhya or abrogation of Article 370."

    Referring to the law against triple talaq, he said, "We cracked down on the inhuman practice which caused untold miseries to our Muslim mothers and sisters, without worrying about criticisms from Congress and RJD which were concerned about their vote banks."

    Referring to RJD president Lalu Prasad as an 'old friend', Singh, however, expressed disgust over a recent controversial utterance by the former's daughter Misa Bharti.

    "Lalu ji's family members say Narendra Modi will be sent to jail if the BJP is voted out of power. I take pity on this wishful thinking since the BJP is going to win the elections hands down," said Singh, without mentioning Bharti by name.

    Bharti has, however, clarified that she was speaking of the Supreme Court judgement on electoral bonds and her words were twisted out of context.