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    'Funeral Services' Has Now Become A Business In Indian Society

    Funeral Services
    Sunil Aswal
    June1/ 2023

    Vijay Garg Some time ago, in the order of Thirteenth of the deceased person of about forty-five years, whole-chickpeas, sweets and other dishes were served in the food cooked for the guests. Hardly anyone had any problem with this or any question was emerging in their mind on this. It would not have occurred to anyone to think that such food is served on happy occasions. There was natural mourning and sadness in the event, but the show off on the social platform was clearly visible.It seemed that austere traditions were being abandoned on sad occasions. Through this medium too, the work of tightening the loose ties is being done. How much the formalities have dominated even at such a time, it can be gauged from the fact that some time before the end of the condolence discourse, most of the people reach to register their attendance. Condolence messages are also being 'liked' on different platforms of social media. Since when the condolence messages have been reduced to three letters and changed to 'RIP' i.e. 'May the soul of the deceased rest in peace', Here the market is controlling every area of ??life. In the Indian society, 'funeral services' have now reached as a business. In the changing environment, the activities of life are getting edited mechanically. The meeting of relatives, relatives and acquaintances is shrinking. People are becoming busy in living life in their own style. The facilities are increasing. New flavors are being created to please the tongue. There are new costumes to wear and show off. How to wear clothes to keep up with the trend of fashionAre. The unrealistic lack of time has made man self-centered. It is considered better to organize important celebrations of life, marriage in a luxurious, expensive hotel ...

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