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    The Winner, Loser

    Soumitra Bose
    June5/ 2024
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    This result was unexpected as BJP had played a significant role in the Ram Temple issue.

    Lallu Singh, Awadhesh Prasad

    The Winner, Loser: Both Unbelievable But True To The Core --- According to the Election Commission --- as far as the result of Lok Sabha MP election in Ayodhya comprising world-impressing Ram Temple is concerned: The BJP's Lallu Singh (right in the pic) has convincingly but gratuitously lost to Awadhesh Prasad (left in the pic) of the Samajwadi Party by over 50,000 votes. Precisely, 54,567 votes. Both "senior" personalities contested the election extremely soberly evoking no controvesy of any kind whatsoever showing utmost respect / reverance to Maryada Puroshottam Ram. The same protocol was maintained by other party contestants as well, say officials. The polling went off extremely peacefully sans any "objection" of any kind thereby denoting that the Bhagawan Ram's "strict surveillance" was tacitly maintained all through and through...When the poll results came out or declared, the outcome of course was a surprise to numerous many: BJP lost, no where-in-picture SP won by convincing margin. Obviously even today, wagging toungues are surprisingly / shockingly wonder, how come BJP lost in Ayodhya that too, defeated by, of all, the SP that was actually responsible for its persistent anti-Mandir stand. How come it has won in Ayodhya?!? That then is the saga of Ayodhya winner / loser.