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    Why Not Vote

    Soumitra Bose
    May13/ 2024
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    Why Not Vote?!? Why Hide? Why Be In Your Lair? Why Shying Away? How Come You Are Democratic? How Is It That You Are An Inherent Rep C/o Largest Democracy In The World? Why Is It That You Are A Non-Voter? How Do Accomplish The Fact That You Are Pro-Democracy? And That You Are In Favour Of Your Fundamental Rights As Ensconced In The Constitution? Your Answers Please To These Pressing Questions? Being Self-Claimed Bharatiya, How Are You Reconciling To The Flagrant Fact That You Are A Non-Voter And That, Yet, You Are Rep Of A Free Country Like Bharat Varsha WhereIn As Your Democratic Right, You Obviously Opt For Exercising Your Franchise Freely, Spontaneously, Automatically? How Can You Hang On / Hang Around Without Casting Your Vote + Sans "Vote Cast" Mark On Your Finger? Its indeed ominous. Sure signs of ensuing turbulence, unsettling topography writ large all over...Date of that? No idea of it as yet or is it being hidden to avert scare, chaos, lawlessness? But in either case, the actual fact will be out any moment...Then What?...To avert that, why not vote?