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    Vanquish Them

    Soumitra Bose
    May11/ 2024
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    PM Modi

    No More Merely Defeat Them, Or, Devastate Them, Or, Demolish Them, Or, DownGrade Them, Or, Demean Them But, Just Vanquish Them...Courtesy, Unprovoked, uninitiated, unsponsored, unpatronised self-claimed, self-tomtomed, self-propelling, self-initiated, self-publicising as "for Modi" minus his assent / knowledge / consent / diktat / prompting / egging of any kind whatsoever. Vanquish Them is not Rpt not at all Modi's lingo or parlance or any where near them. Nor are: Devastate Them, Demolish Them, Or, DownGrade Them, Or, Demean Them. All these are strict "no-no" for him, 100% clear to his workers. Howsoever politically provoked, tempted, initiated, egged on they be, they are 100% required to "follow Gandhism every moment, no losing of control in any form will be tolerated at all, come what may". Subhan Allah, they blurt out, No Ism, only plagiarism extraordinaire aplenty involving George Bernard Shaw, Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, philosophers names, political scientists names, sociologists' names et al...Power is supreme, superior, superlative, not-soporofic. Power is for fiddling 24×7×365 to the crescendo...To uninterruptedly maintain, and, carry on with it, "Vanquish Them, Be Victor Like Him".