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    Taporee All But, [S]he

    Soumitra Bose
    May13/ 2024
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    Taporee All But, [S]he...Weird. Ironical, Paradoxical, Quixotic, Cadaverous, Cartoon-Like, Contradictory, Jingoistic, JamboreeLike, Circumspecting, Obviating, Obdurating, Obfuscating...None Of Them So? OK, Then How Come They Are Quarelling Amid Themselves All The Time Displaying No, Not Even An Iota Of, Semblance Of Any Unity Amid Them? Instead, they are quarrelsome all the time in the true fashion of "You Scratch Mine, I Scratch Yours, Result:0". Maha------- in flames. Couldn't care less? Well, Well...