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    Why Pushpendra Clicks

    Sunil Aswal
    April14/ 2022

    Soumitra Bose New Delhi (The Hawk): Why caustic but fully objective-sounding "motivator" Pushpendra Kulashreshtha is countrywide clicking; as also among many poulaces of wide varieties of Hindus settled in non-India including our country's neighbouring countries + "non-Hindus" of Hinduism-influenced kind --- their numbers relevantly increasing by tons and tons with every passing day-n-night --- and also "Hindu" infected, to put most mildly. A self-pronounced Journalist, Pushpendra, adept in speaking at a stretch for 60 minutes at a stretch without any break / interruption of any kind, is contnuous speaker on topics from needle to cows to issues to international affairs to india's standing to its relevance today in which sectors in the globe to Narendra Modi to his ministers to BJP to those against them to India's forced, artificial ill luck to suit vested interests of persona against India that is Bharat to no religion to Santan-ism to inuumerable issues that naturally evoke motivation among the fast-increasing numbers of listeners now his fans. They even travel wherever he imparts his "weighty objective discourses freely with no contempt toward any one, any issue, any phenomenon. Only facts put together. Left for the masses to conclude "what they want from all those lectures". Incidentally this correspondent is yet to come across any one who listens to him in rapt attention amid timely claps and has something critical to say against him or his uttrances or his examples or his issues or his objective views, opinions etc of his discourses.  At times, one indeed is forced to seriously wonder, how come he is so non-stop for may be an hour at a stretch without any stoppage of any kind. Is he born-virtuoso in talking congenitally or is ...

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