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    Against Modi

    Soumitra Bose
    April14/ 2024
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    Controversy Brews in Varanasi as Kinnar Mahamandaleshwar Hemangi Sakhi Opposes Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha Elections, Stirring Up Questions of Social Equality and Identity Politics.

    Kinnar Mahamandaleshwar Hemangi Sakhi

    ..Against Narendra Modi For Ensuing Lok Sabha Elections in Varanasi / Benares / Kashi As Akhil Bharatiya Hindu MahaSabha candidate Kinnar Mahamandaleshwar Hemangi Sakhi Opposite, Of All, Narendra Modi Himself, "Shell-Shocking Almost All In Varanasi, turning them agog, aghast, astounded", comment numerous many fully zapped, puzzled, quizzed. They are seriously brooding on "how come a Kinnar [hermaphrodite] is placed opposite Modi in Varanasi; in other words, kinnar is on equal status with 'him'; in other words, 'HemangiJee' is on equal stature as that of him!" The "timeless city of Varanasi has suddenly woken up from its characteristic deep slumber to criss-cross discuss / debate / conference etc on Hemangi Sakhi, the "once in a millennium phenomenon around her"...Against Modi.