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    Read Proper Books To Understand Hindu Dharma: Congress To Goa CM

    The Hawk
    September12/ 2023
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    Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): The Congress on Tuesday hit out at Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant for his allegations against INDIA bloc over Sanatana Dharma, and said that "childish BJP leader should read proper books to understand Hindu Dharma".

    Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Monday, while addressing a meeting in Madhya Pradesh, had said that "rulers like Mughals and British couldn't wipe out the Sanatana Dharma from the country in the past. But Congress (INDIA bloc) is trying to insult Sanatana Dharma to garner votes. Hence people should question them".

    "Childish and Immature Chief Minister Pramod Sawant should read proper books to understand Hindu Dharma. Self-Proclaimed Political Pandits of RSS will never teach him true Hindu Dharma," Congress Media Cell Chairman Amarnath Panjikar said, hitting out at Sawant.

    While rejecting his allegations against the INDIA front, Panjikar said that no matter how hard BJP tries, finally "Judega Bharat Jeetega India". Panjikar said that Hindu Dharma is not a property of one particular political party or Leader. "Hindu is a Sanatana Dharma which is followed by all across political affiliations and party lines. We too follow rituals and perform puja in our day to day life. We too respect spiritualism and it is not the private property of BJP. Sawant should understand this before making loose statements," Panjikar said. "Person holding Constitutional positions should speak with responsibility. INDIA is an alliance, it is not a political party.

    Majority of the leaders of INDIA Alliance are Hindus and they all have contributed in protecting, preserving and respecting Hindu Dharma," he claimed. "Ganesh Chaturthi - which is the biggest festival of Hindus in Goa - is just a week away. Many poor and needy Goans are awaiting release of financial assistance from the government before the festival.

    Let us see if the Chief Minister releases Rs 320 crore pending dues of social welfare beneficiaries. Hindu Dharma teaches to help those in need," Panjikar said.