Medical Tourism

    National Strategy & Roadmap For Medical And Wellness Tourism Focuses To Develop India As Brand For Wellness Destination

    Medical And Wellness Tourism
    Inam Ansari
    July25/ 2022

    New Delhi (The Hawk): Recognising medical value travel and wellness tourism as important sectors having the potential of accelerating the country’s development, Ministry of Tourism has taken several steps to promote India as a Medical and Wellness tourism destination. In order to create a robust framework and synergy amongst the Central Government Ministries, State Governments and Private Sector for promoting India as a Medical and Wellness Tourism destination, Ministry of Tourism has formulated a National Strategy and Roadmap for Medical and Wellness Tourism. The strategy document focuses on the following key pillars: (a)    Develop a brand for India as a wellness destination (b)    Strengthen the ecosystem for medical and wellness tourism (c)    Enable digitalization by setting up Online Medical Value Travel (MVT) Portal (d)    Enhancement of accessibility for Medical Value Travel (e)    Promoting Wellness Tourism (f)    Governance and Institutional Framework In order to provide dedicated institutional framework to take forward the cause of promotion of Medical Tourism, Ministry of Tourism has constituted a National Medical and Wellness Tourism Board with the Hon'ble Minister (Tourism) as its chairman. As part of its on-going activities, Ministry of Tourism, releases global print, electronic and online media campaigns in important and potential markets overseas, under the ‘Incredible India’ brand-line, to promote various tourism destinations and products of the country. Digital promotions are also regularly undertaken through the Social Media accounts of the Ministry on different themes including the theme of Medical Tourism. 'Medical Visa’ has been introduced, which can be given for specific purpose to foreign travellers co ...

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