Medical Tourism

    Scope and opportunities in Career options in the Healthcare Industry

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    The Hawk
    March14/ 2024

    Gone are the days when healthcare referred to simply doctors and nurses. With the booming medical tourism in India, this sector is also showing growth in all terms. Be it the size of the hospitals or the expertise required for their operation, specialized courses have developed. If you failed to qualify for the MBBS entrance exam or wish to be in the medical field but don’t find yourself efficient to handle patients, then also the healthcare sector has a lot of opportunities for you. There is an ever growing demand for super-specialists. Even the engineers are needed. You must have noticed that hospitals have personalized apps. They need skilled engineers to design and maintain them. Here, we will be telling you about the numerous career opportunities in the healthcare sector. Job Prospects and Career Opportunities in Healthcare Sector Physician: When we talk about the healthcare sector, a Doctor is the first image that appears. Undoubtedly, doctors are the pillars of healthcare. You can be a doctor by clearing the national level test NEET. Also, you need to have studied physics, chemistry, and biology in your intermediate. There are also many private medical colleges that conduct their separate tests. After completing the four and a half year long MBBS, you can get yourself registered as a practitioner. Nowadays, there is a demand for super specialists. So, it will be better for you to do MD as well. Higher degrees will be better. A doctor’s job is one of the highest paying ones. The government hospitals and private hospitals all pay them handsomely. Dentist: Tooth problems are always there. And to deal with them, we need skilled Dentists. There is an upsurge in dental issues with polluted water, unhealthy eating habits and obviously ...

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