New & Renewable Energy Secretary Addresses World Hydrogen Summit 2024

    Secretary, Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, Government of India, Shri Bhupinder Singh Bhalla
    Inam Ansari
    May16/ 2024

    New Delhi (The Hawk): Secretary, Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, Government of India, Shri Bhupinder Singh Bhalla addressed the World Hydrogen Summit 2024 in Rotterdam, Netherlands on May 15, 2024, highlighting India's strategic vision and capabilities in the domain of renewable energy and green hydrogen production. The Secretary underscored the comprehensive nature of the National Green Hydrogen Mission, comprising components such as pilot projects, research and development (R&D) initiatives, and skill development programs. “This holistic approach reflects the government's commitment to fostering innovation, collaboration, and capacity-building across the hydrogen value chain. Moreover, the Mission's focus on piloting projects and advancing R&D underscores India's commitment to nurturing a vibrant ecosystem for green hydrogen technologies, fostering the emergence of cutting-edge solutions and best practices.” The New & Renewable Energy Secretary reiterated India's position as a global leader in renewable energy affordability, emphasizing the nation's low cost of renewable energy. “With competitive pricing, India presents an attractive landscape for domestic and international investments in renewable energy projects, aligning with the nation's commitment to transitioning towards sustainable energy sources.” The Secretary highlighted India's integrated grid infrastructure as a key enabler for the seamless integration of renewable energy sources into the national energy mix. He told the Summit audience that this integrated grid not only enhances grid stability and reliability but also enables the strategic placement of renewable energy plants, optimizing efficiency and minimizing the need for long-distance transportation and storage ...

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