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    Gujarat: Over 44 pc of total electricity generation capacity comes from renewable resources now, say officials

    Pankaj Sharma
    October5/ 2023
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    Ahmedabad (Gujarat): Over 44 per cent of Gujarat's total 48,500 megawatts of installed power generation capacity comes from renewable sources, said state officials.
    The share of renewable energy capacity in Gujarat against the total installed electricity generation is higher than that of the nation. 179,322 megawatts (43.0 per cent) of total installed generation capacity in the country comes from non-fossil fuel, as per the Ministry of Power data dated June 2023.

    Gujarat aims to reach 80 gigawatts of renewable energy by 2030. The officials informed that 30 per cent of this goal, totalling 22.5 GW, has already been achieved.
    "Gujarat stands as the premier destination for the renewable energy sector in India, with an impressive 44.64 per cent (as of August 2023) of its total installed capacity derived from renewable sources," the officials said.
    The state contributes to 15.2 per cent of India's total electricity generation from renewable sources.

    "Gujarat plays a pivotal role in driving the nation's transition towards cleaner and greener energy alternatives. Gujarat offers unparalleled opportunities for investment and growth in the renewable energy sector, making it the top choice for businesses and investors alike," the Gujarat government said in a statement.
    Moreover, the installed capacity for electricity generation in the state has increased more than 5 times from 8,750 MW in 2001-02 to 48,500 MW in August 2023
    Meanwhile, on a national level, a total of 179.322 GW of capacity from non-fossil fuel sources has been installed in the country as of June 12.
    This has a share of 43 per cent of the total installed generation capacity in the country (417.668 GW) as of June 12.
    The Gujarat government is aiming to spearhead green growth, climate finance, and SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) progress through the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2024.