The life of a child tied to a cot was saved with great difficulty due to fire

    House fire in Bageshwar, Uttarakhand
    Prem Prakash Upadhyay
    January24/ 2024

    An incident that occurred in the village of Pachna, Baijnath, a couple named Chandan Prasad and Geeta Devi saved a four year old boy from a devastating house fire. The young child, named Yuvraj was left alone. Tied to a cot while his parents were away when the fire suddenly erupted, engulfing their home and destroying all their belongings. On an afternoon this Tuesday terrified screams filled the air as flames devoured Mahesh Rams residence. Mahesh, who works as a laborer was away, in another village at the time leaving his wife Aarti and their two children behind. Unfortunately Yuvraj being the youngest of them all was left by himself helplessly tied to the cot. Upon hearing the desperate cries of the child Chandan and Geeta bravely rushed to the scene without hesitation. They risked their lives by entering into the blazing house. Despite being shocked to find Yuvrajs legs tied with a rope when they reached him inside they acted swiftly. Managed to rescue him. Tragically though all of the familys possessions were lost in this fire; however Yuvraj received first aid at a private clinic. Villagers suspect that the fire originated from a fireplace within their home. There are speculations that some cloth may have accidentally fallen into it which caused such a blaze. Patwari Suresh Singh Rathore expressed concerns, over how these flames spread through clothes. Village leader Prakash Kohli, accompanied by the Fire Unit and Pratap Singh Nagarkoti, the head of Baijnath Police Station arrived promptly to find that the fire had already been put out by the villagers. Unfortunately the affected family now has to cope with an estimated loss of Rs 3 lakh. —Prem Prakash ...

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