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    YS Sharmila Reddy says PM Modi neglected Andhra Pradesh's development, demands apology

    The Hawk
    May8/ 2024
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    YS Sharmila Reddy demands PM Narendra Modi to address unfulfilled promises and neglect towards Andhra Pradesh's development, highlighting failed projects and the need for accountability.

    APCC Chief YS Sharmila

    Kadapa (Andhra Pradesh): Andhra Congress chief and Kadapa MP candidate YS Sharmila Reddy sent a radio message to Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging him to listen to the "Mann Ki Baat" of the people of Andhra Pradesh.
    "You are not eligible to enter the state until you apologize to the people of Andhra Pradesh," she said.

    "You have been deceiving the state for ten years, showing hypocritical affection during elections but neglecting development. We are presenting a charge sheet on behalf of the people of Andhra Pradesh. If you dare, write an affidavit promising to fulfil the commitments made to the people of the state now," the APCC chief alleged.

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    Sharmila Reddy also posed ten questions regarding Modi's actions over the past decade.
    The questions included, "Parliament initially promised special status for the state but later reneged, betraying the state. Jagan initiated destructive actions on projects like Polavaram and is conspiring to reduce it further. Amaravati, the capital, remains incomplete after a decade. Attempts to sell Vishaka Steel, despite local opposition, show insincere intentions and promises like the Kadapa Steel Plant and Visakha Railway Zone were broken, causing injustice."
    "Allegations of a liquor syndicate and inaction on serious issues like adulterated liquor and related deaths. Inaction on attacks and crimes against SCs and STs despite commitments to end their reservation nationally. Corruption in various sectors, including sand, liquor, minerals, illegal contracts, and mismanagement of funds. Failure of authorities like the CBI to act impartially highlights a breakdown in law and order. Failure to fulfil promises of job creation, impacts the youth and unemployed severely," the questions added.

    "Mr. Modi, you owe an apology to the people of Andhra Pradesh every time you set foot on this land," Sharmila further concluded.