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    Youth Congress supporters hurl tomatoes, eggs on Odisha police during protest

    The Hawk
    March1/ 2024
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    Youth Congress supporters clashed with Odisha police during a protest against unemployment and corruption, demanding action from Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik. Key leaders detained in a rally aimed at highlighting the state's pressing issues.

    Naveen Hatao, Odisha Bachao protest rally (Representative Image)

    Bhubaneswar: Youth Congress supporters hurled tomatoes and eggs at Odisha police after they were prevented from marching towards Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s residence during a protest rally against 'unemployment' and 'corruption' here on Friday.

    Led by their national president B V Srinivas, hundreds of youth Congress supporters participated in the Naveen Hatao, Odisha Bachao protest rally, party sources said.

    The protest saw the involvement of key figures such as Odisha Congress campaign committee chairman Bijay Patnaik, former president Jaydev Jena, senior MLA Tara Prasad Bahinipati, state youth Congress president Ranjit Patra, and other senior leaders, they said.

    As the rally approached Raj Mahal square en route to Naveen Niwas, police intervened, leading to a confrontation between them and the Congress supporters. In response, some some people hurled tomatoes and eggs at the police, they added.

    Subsequently, the police detained several Congress supporters and leaders, releasing them later.

    Speaking to reporters, Srinivas emphasised the demands for employment opportunities for youths and an end to corruption in the state.

    He criticised both the BJD and BJP, likening them to two sides of the same coin, and pledged to continue fighting for the people of Odisha.

    Congress leader Jaydev Jena accused the CM of stifling opposition voices, alleging that the government even barred the Congress from protesting.

    He highlighted the issue of migration from Odisha due to lack of employment opportunities, stating that over 30 lakh people from the state have migrated to other states for livelihood.

    Reacting to the protest, senior BJD leader and MLA Rajendra Sahoo said, “The opposition holds such protests during election time. But the reality is that the people of Odisha have already decided to elect the BJD and make Naveen Patnaik the CM for the sixth term."