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    Ujjain's Vallabhbhai Patel statue demolition sparks conflict between two groups

    The Hawk
    January25/ 2024
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    Tensions escalate in Ujjain as clashes erupt over the toppling of Vallabhbhai Patel's statue. Community demands Ambedkar's statue replacement. Authorities deploy heavy security in Makdone area to restore order amid rising controversy.

    Group of people pulled down the statue with a tracto.

    Ujjain: Tensions, in Ujjain district escalated as clashes broke out between two communities after the statue of former Deputy Prime Minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was pulled down on Thursday morning according to officials.

    Authorities have deployed a number of security forces in the Makdone area located 50 km from the district headquarters, where the incident occurred.

    A video widely circulated on media captured the moment when a group used a tractor to bring down Patels statue. Police sources revealed that the protesters demanded the installation of a statue of Dr. B R Ambedkar at the spot of Patels.

    The controversial statue was erected near the Makdone bus stand Wednesday night and an ongoing investigation is being carried out to determine when it was installed said Additional Superintendent of Police (Rural) Nitesh Bhargav during a phone interview with PTI.

    "We are currently investigating and appropriate cases will be registered " added Bhargav. When asked about injuries caused by stone pelting he stated, "No reports have been received far."

    Bhargav assured the public that additional police forces have been deployed to maintain control over the situation. Efforts are also underway to clean up and remove stones thrown during the clash, in the Makdone area.
    As of the moment there haven't been any orders prohibiting gatherings of people according to his confirmation. The authorities are closely monitoring the situation while investigations progress.