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    TN police to conduct awareness against Cyber job scams as complaints mount

    The Hawk
    September7/ 2023
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    Chennai: The Cyber police of Tamil Nadu is creating awareness among the public against cyber scams wherein conmen and fictitious companies cheat the public using fake jobs and e-commerce platforms.

    According to a senior officer with the Tamil Nadu police headquarters, several cyber scams are being reported from across the state and most of those who have lost money are educated people.

    People are being lured into fake jobs and part time jobs and asked to deposit an amount as a processing fee. The fraudsters then inform the gullible job seekers that they have been selected and issue fake appointment letters and demand more money – which generally amounts to either one month salary or salary for two months.

    Once the money is transferred to the account which the scamsters provide, the contact disappears. According to cyber wing police more than thousand people are falling prey to the job scam in Tamil Nadu in a day.

    Lakhs of rupees are lost on a day to day basis in the state. In another modus operandi , fraudulent operators create fake E-commerce sites and cheat people which is also touching more than one to two crore rupees on a day to day basis.

    With a phenomenal increase in such scams , the state police have decided to carry advertisements in railway stations, bus stations , movie theatres and a campaign among students also.

    Sources in the cyber wing police told IANS that most of the scams are carried out using bank accounts that were opened in North Indian states using Aadhaar cards and other identity cards of people who are in no way connected

    to such scams. Cyber wing police of Tamil Nadu have commenced a massive manhunt using advanced technologies.