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    TN man detained near India-Pak border in Kutch, under scrutiny for suspicious activity

    The Hawk
    August30/ 2023
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    Kutch: A man from Tamil Nadu has been detained by the Gujarat Police near the India-Pakistan border in Kutch district, sparking concerns of potential security breach.

    The individual, identified as Dinesh Laxmanan Thevar from Theni district in Tamil Nadu, was found wandering suspiciously in the vicinity of the border. He was taken into custody on Tuesday evening by state police's intelligence personnel.

    While initial inquiries are being conducted by local authorities and central agencies, Thevar has been relocated to facilitate a more comprehensive interrogation, given his apparent reluctance to provide satisfactory explanations.

    The arrest unfolded when a team from the State Intelligence Bureau was conducting routine border area patrols. They encountered Thevar walking towards Lodrani village, situated along a route connecting the Border Security Force's (BSF) Kuda outpost and Rapar taluka's Lodrani village. When pressed about his presence in the region, Thevar failed to provide a satisfactory explanation, prompting his transportation to Balasar police station for further inquiry.

    Upon inspecting the contents of Thevar's shoulder bag, authorities discovered an assortment of items that raised suspicions. Among the items was a hand-drawn map delineating the Kutch region's border and its adjacent Pakistani villages, such as Nagarparkar and Islamkot. Additionally, the bag contained a passport, driving license, PAN card, and an international debit card. Notably, the assortment also encompassed tools like a screwdriver, spanner, cutting pliers, and scissors.

    Moreover, Thevar possessed a train ticket indicating a journey from Mumbai to Surendranagar, and Rs 10,000 in cash. These findings, coupled with his enigmatic presence near the sensitive border area, ignited concerns about potential nefarious intentions.