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    TMC insulting faith of Hindus, infiltrators changing demography of Bengal, says PM Modi

    The Hawk
    May19/ 2024
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    Speaking at his third rally in Medinipur, Modi stated that the TMC's appeasement policies have disturbed the state's demographics, with Hindus becoming minorities in several areas.

    PM Modi

    Medinipur: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday accused the TMC of insulting the faith of Hindus to appease its vote bank and asserted that infiltrators are "perilous" to West Bengal since they are "disturbing" the demography of the state.

    Addressing his third election rally in West Bengal during the day, the prime minister said, "Infiltrators, who are the vote bank of the TMC", are a threat to the state as in many areas the Hindus have become lesser in number.

    “In Bengal, TMC is synonymous with terrorism, corruption, appeasement and nepotism. To appease its vote bank, the TMC is insulting the faith Hindus. The entire country is angry due to the recent derogatory statement made by the CM of West Bengal,” he said at the Medinipur rally.

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    Modi was referring to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s recent remarks against Ramakrishna Mission and Bharat Sevaashram Sangha.

    The prime minister said that ongoing infiltration in West Bengal is "fast changing the demography" of the state.

    “The appeasement of the TMC has disturbed the demography of Bengal. The infiltration has disturbed the demography of the state. The TMC calls the people from other states 'outsiders'. However, it embraces infiltrators,” he said.

    He also said, “Infiltrators are perilous to Bengal since they are disturbing the demography of the state. In many parts, the Hindus have become a minority.” Modi also alleged, "Infiltrators are capturing the land of Dalits and the underprivileged. Our daughters and sisters are not safe anymore."