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    Subsidies in Delhi not affected by jailing of Kejriwal: LG

    The Hawk
    April13/ 2024
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    Delhi's Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena reassures the public amidst political turmoil, affirming the continuation of subsidy schemes despite Arvind Kejriwal's imprisonment, and condemns misleading statements by AAP members.

    Delhi LG VK Saxena

    New Delhi [India]: Delhi Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena said that no subsidy scheme will be stopped and people should reject rumours and statements made due to vested political interests.
    "Electricity, water and bus ride subsidies will continue in Delhi. An individual being in jail (Arvind Kejriwal) as per due process of law does not affect government schemes," he said.

    He further stated that the schemes part of the budget approved by the centre and L-G does not belong to an individual or a political party.
    Taking a dig at Aam Admi Party (AAP), he said, "Members of a particular political party and its Ministers making patently false and deliberately misleading statements to create confusion."
    "Delhi Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena has taken serious note of false and deliberately misleading statements issued by not only Members of a particular political party but also Ministers sworn to the constitutional oath of office, wherein it is being propagated that the scheme and subsidies about 'free' electricity, water and bus rides for women will be stopped, since the Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal is in jail under judicial custody," stated a press release from L-G.
    "The purported imaginary stoppage of these schemes in future is being attributed to the Central Government and the Lt. Governor. Saxena has assured the people of Delhi that none of the subsidy schemes benefitting the poor will be discontinued and appealed to them to not pay heed to the statements and rumours being spread by political vested interests. The people should reject any attempts at misleading them," the LG has appealed.
    LG VK Saxena has underlined that these schemes are paid from the consolidated fund of NCT of Delhi and not from the account of any individual or political party. These schemes are funded by the people of Delhi themselves, who contribute to NCTD's consolidated fund by way of taxes.
    "The Lt. Governor has emphasised that the aforementioned subsidy schemes are those of the government and not driven by or dependent on any individual holding any position and therefore, because of any individual being in jail, the question of a scheme getting affected does not arise. These schemes have budgetary allocation in the budget document, which is in turn approved by the Govt. of India, as per constitutional and statutory provisions," he added.
    LG Saxena has reiterated the earlier position taken by the Civil Administration in the City, that an individual being in jail under judicial custody, as per due process of law, does not affect any scheme, especially those that have been duly approved by the Govt. of India and the Lt. Governor himself, before being introduced in, and subsequently passed by the Delhi Legislative Assembly.