Self-Discipline Key to Sporting Success: ShriMahant Ravindra Puri

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    November27/ 2023
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    Triumph at Sports Mahakumbh 2023: S.M.J.N. College Excels in Haridwar, Emphasizing Self-Discipline for Success, Honored by Shrimahant Ravindra Puri.

    S.M.J.N. College sports Prizes

    Haridwar (The Hawk): Participants from S.M.J.N. College excelled in various competitions at the Sports Mahakumbh-2023 held at the Sports Stadium, Roshanabad, Haridwar, organized by the Uttarakhand government. Dr. Tejveer Singh Tomar, the Chief Sports Officer of the college, shared that in the kho-kho competition, the team of Nandini Seth, Urvashi, Jaya, Pooja, and Priya secured the first position and won the gold medal. The college management committee chairman, Shri Mahant Ravindra Puri Ji Maharaj, will honor all winners and participants. Addressing the event, Shri Mahant Ravindra Puri Ji Maharaj, President of the All India Akhada Parishad and the College Management Committee, emphasized that success in sports and life requires self-discipline. 

    S.M.J.N. College sports Prizes

    He highlighted the importance of participation over winning and emphasized the committee's commitment to nurturing sports talent at the college level. The winners were blessed by Shri Mahant, while the college principal, Dr. Sunil Kumar Batra, conveyed congratulations to all victors and participants. Chief Sports Officer Prof. 

    S.M.J.N. College sports Prizes

    Tejveer Singh Tomar, Sports Director Vinay Thapliyal, and Coach Manoj Malik were also thanked. Co-Sports Director Vinay Thapliyal conveyed his best wishes to the participants, acknowledging the achievement of Siddharth Pant, Priyanshu, Vipin Panwar, Ojas, and Shashank, securing the second position in the kho-kho student category, winning the silver medal. In the 4x400-meter relay race, Monica, Neha, Palak, and Preeti secured the first position in the girls' category. Alok secured the first position in the 4x400-meter relay boys' category and the 200-meter race. Neeraj Kumar secured first place in the 400-meter boys' category, while Nandini Seth won bronze in the shot put girls' category. Alok secured silver in high jump, and Prity won gold in discus throw while Jaya secured silver. Neha, Pooja, and Priya secured the first, second, and third positions, respectively, in the 400-meter girls' category. The event was graced by Patron Student Kalyan Dr. Sanjay Kumar Maheshwari, Dr. Vijay Sharma, Dr. Vinita Chauhan, Dr. Minakshi Sharma, Dr. Lata Sharma, Dr. Asha Sharma, and Office Manager Mohan Chandra Pandey who extended their heartfelt wishes.