Second Day Of The Veda Vijyana Sanskriti Mahakumbh

    Inam Ansari
    December24/ 2023
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    Second Day Of The Veda Vijyana Sanskriti Mahakumbh

    Haridwar (The Hawk): During the second day of the Veda Vijyana Sanskriti Mahakumbh, the chief guest of the conference was Mr Arjun Ram Meghwal, Minister of State of Culture and Minister (Independent Charge) of Law and Justice. Mr Arjun Ram Meghwal said that India is a land of human values and these values are taught since childhood. Mr Meghwal beautifully explained the relationship between the concepts of civilisation and culture through various examples. One of the examples explained that a flower conceptualised civilisation whereas its fragrance symbolised culture. Furthermore, Mr Meghwal dwelled on the point that the life of Swami Dayanand Saraswati teaches us the importance of patriotism and nationalism and inspires us to dedicate our lives to our country. Through a song, the minister explained the importance of spirituality and self-development. He encouraged the young students of the university to take an oath to protect the culture of India.
    The special guest of the programme, Swami Ramdev stated that Swami Dayanand showed the people of our country, the path towards a casteless society. He further said that the individuals who read the Vedas are close to God. Thus, the Vedas are far above caste, creed and other divisions. Swami Ramdev said that there have been several leaders of the national movement who have emerged from Gurukul Kangri. Moreover, he also said that Gurukul Kangri has always been a centre of Vedic knowledge and traditions. Swami Ramdev encouraged the students of the university to succeed in the world through their behaviour and manners.
    The patron of the Vedas Vijyana Sanskriti Mahakumbh, Dr Satyapal Singh said that travelling on the path shown by Swami Dayanand and Swami Shraddhanand will help us in protecting our culture and tradition. He also said that Gurukul Kangri is making positive efforts in establishing Vedic knowledge as an important discipline in the world of academia.
    The Vice Chancellor of Gurukul Kangri Deemed to be University, Prof Somdev Satanshu, said in his welcome address, that Swami Dayanand’s work in the fields of upliftment of Dalits, women empowerment, women education, encouragement of Vedic teaching, changed the country and put it on a path towards development. Prof Satanshu focussed on the fact that there are several Vedic subjects taught in departments such as Management, Physics, Microbiology. Prof Satanshu said that Swami Dayanand’s dream of propagating Vedic education across various disciplines is being fulfilled in Gurukul Kangri.
    Swami Aryavesh said that in today's volatile and violent world, we can get peace from following Vedic values. Thus, Swami Aryavesh said that the Vedas can lead to the attainment of world peace. He also said that the solution to the problems of climate change, pollution is found in the Vedas. Therefore, he advocated a return to the Vedas for the society at large.
    Dr Ajay Malik was the master of the ceremony. Prof Sunil Kumar, Registrar, Gurukul Kangri Deemed to be University gave the vote of thanks. On this occasion, a grand procession was organized from Dayanand Stadium of the University campus to Shraddhanand Chowk in which a large number of teachers, non-teachers and students of the University including various Vedic scholars and Aryans who came from India and abroad to participate in the event participated. The procession ended after reaching the University Auditorium. On this occasion, tributes were paid to Swami Shraddhanand Maharaj at Shraddhanand Chowk.

    The abstract book of the Veda Vijyana Sanskriti Mahakumbh was released

    The abstracts for the research papers submitted for the Veda Vijana Sanskriti Mahakumbh were released in the form of a book by Minister of Law and Justice (independent charge) and Minister of State of Culture, Mr Arjun Ram Meghwal, Swami Ramdev, Swami Aryavesh, Swami Adityavesh, Swami Pranvanand, Dr Satyapal Singh, Vice Chancellor- Prof Somdev Satanshu, Registrar, Dr Sunil Kumar, Prof D.S. Malik, Dr Gagan Matta. There were more than 800 scholars who registered for the conference and more than 700 research papers were received for the conference.

    Baba Ramdev sang a melodious Rajasthani song

    Baba Ramdev sang a melodious Rajasthani song during the Veda Vijyana Sanskriti Mahakumbh. While singing the song, Baba Ramdev was joined by Minister (independent charge) of Law and Justice, Mr Arjun Ram Meghwal. The students and scholars present in the conference enjoyed the song. Swami Ramdev stated that we should try to include the teachings of the song in our daily life.

    Baba Ramdev said that Gurukul has to be made the number 1 university of the country.

    Yogguru Baba Ramdev, while speaking at the Veda-Vigyan Sanskriti Mahakumbh, said that Gurukul Kangri University is the penance place of Swami Shraddhanand. Today, the employees and teachers of Gurukul Kangri University will have to take an oath that together they will make the university the number 1 university of India. For this everyone will have to make meaningful efforts together.