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    Sandeshkhali: Protesters set properties ablaze, vent fury against elusive TMC leader

    The Hawk
    February23/ 2024
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    Protests flare up in Sandeshkhali, West Bengal, as locals retaliate against TMC leaders for alleged sexual abuse and land grabbing.

    ABVP participate in a protest rally over Sandeshkhali

    Kolkata: Protests rocked parts of trouble-torn Sandeshkhali in West Bengal's North 24 Parganas district on Friday morning as enraged locals set fire to properties belonging to TMC leaders accused of sexual abuse of women and forcible land grabbing in the area.

    Armed with sticks, they set ablaze thatched structures near a fishing yard in Belmajur area of Sandeshkhali, venting their fury against the elusive TMC leader Shahjahan Sheikh and his brother Siraj. The torched structure, it was revealed, belonged to Siraj.

    "The police for years did nothing. That is why we are doing everything to get back our land and honour", a protester said.

    The police later entered the area and tried to pacify the protesters.

    The fresh protests came a day after the area witnessed protests and arson in parts of Sandeshkhali, fueled by allegations against local TMC leaders for sexual abuse and forcible land grabbing.

    These demonstrations followed DGP Rajeev Kumar's assurance that the guilty would not be spared.

    The unrest in Sandeshkhali stems from accusations against TMC leader Shahjahan Sheikh and his supporters of land grabbing and sexual assault, with Shahjahan evading authorities since a mob attack on Enforcement Directorate officials on January 5.