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    Rajasthan registers over 80% voting in six districts

    The Hawk
    November27/ 2023
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    Record-breaking Turnout: Over 80% Voter Participation in Key Rajasthan Districts Signals Political Shifts and Gender Dynamics in Assembly Elections.

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    Jaipur: Election Commission officials have said that six districts of Rajasthan witnessed more than 80 per cent voter turnout in the Assembly elections on Saturday.

    More than 80 per cent voter turnout was recorded in Banswara, Jaisalmer, Chittorgarh, Hanumangarh, Jhalawar and Pratapgarh districts of the state, poll officials said.

    Banswara district recorded 83 per cent voting, Chittorgarh (80.41), Hanumangarh (82.52) and Jaisalmer registered 82.32 per cent turnout.

    The Kushalgarh assembly constituency of Banswara remained on top with the highest 88.13 per cent voting in the state.

    Pokaran assembly constituency is in second place with 87.79 per cent, followed by Tijara (86.11), Nimbahera (85.58 ), Ghatol (85.35), Bari (84.22), and Manoharthana (84.12).

    Women in the state outnumbered males in voting this time. A higher voting percentage of women has political implications. Congress government supporters are citing the free mobile scheme as the reason, while BJP supporters are linking it to the increasing crimes against women.