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    Public invited to Ayodhya's Ram temple

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    January23/ 2024
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    Ayodhya's Ram Temple, a symbol of devotion and unity, welcomes public after the consecration of the new Ram Lalla idol. Prime Minister Narendra Modi leads historic ceremony, emphasizing a vision beyond construction.

    Devotees at Ram Temple Ayodhya

    Ayodhya: The Ram temple, in Ayodhya welcomed the public on January 23 for the time following the consecration ceremony of the Ram Lalla idol.

    A considerable number of devotees both locals and visitors from states gathered near the entrance along the Ram Path leading to the temple complex late on January 22. They were eager to enter in the morning when the temple officially opened its doors. Authorities assured them that entry would only be permitted at that time.

    The consecration of the Ram Lalla idol on January 22 was an event led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Alongside overseeing the ceremony Prime Minister Modi emphasized that it should hold significance beyond constructing a temple. He envisioned it as laying a foundation for a "capable and divine" India for generations to come.

    The 'pran pratishtha' ceremony witnessed by millions through television broadcasts in their homes and local temples was truly memorable. The festivities included dances, a procession called 'palki yatra' by a troupe from Bhopal and devotees chanting "Jai Shri Ram”, in Ayodhyas streets as part of this unfolding ceremony.
    On January 22 2024 Prime Minister Modi marked the significance of this date as more, than a day on the calendar. He declared it as the beginning of an era through a series of rituals in the space. The ceremony commenced at 12;29 pm with a moment called Abhijeet muhurta lasting for 84 seconds. During this time Prime Minister Modi humbly bowed before a 51 inch idol depicting the child form of Lord Ram.

    Addressing guests such as leaders and notable figures from various fields who had been involved in the Ram Janmabhoomi movement for decades Prime Minister Modi stated, "Today marks the arrival of our beloved Lord Ram. After a wait our revered Ram Lalla will no longer be housed in a tent. Will reside in an exquisite temple."

    Following the consecration ceremony many invitees including leaders were granted permission to have darshan (glimpse) of the deity. On Tuesday morning the doors of the temple were officially opened to welcome visitors from all walks of life.

    Despite restrictions, on transportation and pedestrian movement imposed on the day numerous devotees eagerly gathered along a section of the path leading to the temple complex. They patiently awaited their turn to enter and experience its presence.
    Anurag Sharma, a resident of Sikar, in Rajasthan came with a model of the temple. Shared his determination to stay until he could have a divine glimpse of Ram Lalla.

    The magnificent temple complex, built in the Nagara style stretches 380 feet from east to west. Spans 250 feet in width. Eventually it will rise to a towering height of 161 feet at the pinnacle called 'shikhar.' The architectural splendor is evident, with its display of 392 pillars and 44 entrances.

    —Input from Agencies