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    Pappu Yadav slams police action on residents of Patna’s Rajiv Nagar, Nepali Nagar

    July4/ 2022
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    Patna : After brutal lathi-charge on residents of two localities and Jan Adhikar Party workers, party chief Rajesh Ranjan alias Pappu Yadav slammed BJP MLAs and said why people of Patna should vote for them.

    Pappu Yadav along with his supporters sat on dharna along with the residents of Rajiv Nagar and Nepali Nagar in central Patna where the district administration has launched anti encroachment drive for the second consecutive day on Monday.

    "The district administration has imposed Section 144 in the area, arrived with 2000 force and started a brutal lathi-charge on innocent residents who were protesting against them to save their belongings. I want to tell 6 MLAs of the BJP. I don't know why the people of Patna vote for such people. They disappeared during the pandemic and now they are enjoying the situation in Rajiv Nagar and Nepali Nagar," Yadav said.

    "The district administration is claiming that the residents illegally constructed the houses. I want to say that majority of them have papers. They are paying municipal taxes and electricity bills," Yadav said.

    "The way they have beaten elderly women, children and other residents here in extremely brutal manner, is like a scene of terror. I also sustained injuries on my leg and went to hospital. I will file a criminal case against the SDO of the area," Yadav said.

    Meanwhile, Patna DM Chandrashekher Singh said: "We have imposed Section 144 in the area and are taking action against those assembled in a group of 5 persons. Some of them violated the rule in the morning. We have done the photography and taken action against them after identification."

    "So far, 26 violators have been arrested. We will also take action against those who are behind this. WhatsApp groups are also under the radar. The demolition drive is going in 40 acres of land. They have no documents," Singh said. (Source IANS)