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    Multiple-Vehicle Collision Amid Dense Fog on Delhi-Lucknow Highway in UP's Hapur District

    The Hawk
    January31/ 2024
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    Chaos unfolds as multiple vehicles collide on the Delhi-Lucknow Highway in UP's Hapur district amid the thick fog, leading to injuries and traffic havoc. Prompt response from authorities and ongoing severe weather conditions add to the challenges.

    Vehicles collide on Delhi-Lucknow Highway

    Hapur (Uttar Pradesh): Several vehicles were involved in a collision on the Delhi Lucknow Highway in Uttar Pradeshs Hapur district causing chaos due to visibility caused by thick fog in the Delhi NCR region on Wednesday morning. Reports suggest that six vehicles, including two large trucks were part of a chain reaction collision that resulted in injuries to a police officer.

    Upon receiving the distress call law enforcement officials swiftly arrived at the scene. Immediately began rescue operations with the help of a crane. This incident occurred amidst the severe cold and dense fog that has enveloped the national capital and the entire North Indian region. Delhi recorded a temperature of 10°C.

    According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD) there was dense fog in isolated areas of Punjab, Haryana and Delhi. Moderate fog was also observed in parts of West Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday. A post from IMDs handle mentioned, "The INSAT 3DR Image at 0530 hrs IST shows Dense Fog layer over South Punjab, Haryana & Delhi seen as white patch overlapped by Medium/ Clouds, in Red Patches."

    At the time visibility became challenging in the national capital as thick fog descended upon the city.
    The inclement weather caused delays and cancellations for flights to and, from the capital resulting in disruptions to air travel services. Tuesday presented a scenario as thick fog covered the national capital and large portions of North India leading to reduced visibility and affecting both flight and train services significantly.