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    MP: Damoh Congress candidate tears up while campaigning, BJP rival calls it "political stunt"

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    April3/ 2024
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    In the midst of Madhya Pradesh's electoral fervor, BJP's skepticism surfaces as Congress candidate Tarvar Lodhi's emotional display in Damoh raises questions about political authenticity and strategies.

    Congress candidate Tarvar Lodhi gets emotional

    Damoh (Madhya Pradesh): After the Congress candidate from the Damoh Lok Sabha seat, Tarvar Lodhi, teared up and wept inconsolably while campaigning on Tuesday, the BJP took a dig at him on Wednesday terming his act a 'political stunt.'
    Standing alongside Congress state president Jitu Patwari while he was addressing a public meeting in Damon in the former's favour, Lodhi was pictured breaking down and wiping tears from his eyes.

    As soon as Patwari finished his address, Lodhi burst out weeping before Patwari reached over, hugging and hushing him.
    Asked about being overcome with emotion, Lodhi told reporters, "Being in a family and made to feel loved can make you emotional."

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    However, scoffing at the emotional moment of the Congress candidate, the BJP's pick from Damoh, Rahul Lodhi said it was, perhaps, a political stunt aimed at playing up emotions for votes.
    "I must say that I was surprised to see the Congress candidate tearing up as he did. After reaching Damoh, he, perhaps, realised that this is a BJP stronghold as we have been winning this seat for the last 40 years. Or it could also have been a political stunt aimed at playing on people's emotions for votes. The real reason behind his emotional moment would be known in time. But I was surprised that he cried," Lodhi said.

    On the Congress labelling him as a dishonest leader, Rahul Lodhi said when a party has nothing to say, they start making personal attacks.
    "When a party has nothing else to say, they start making personal attacks and allegations. This state had a Congress government for 18 months...what did they do? Nothing. The state and the country have seen significant development strides under the BJP. We are committed to carrying forward the work and the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi," Lodhi said.
    "I believe we should avoid making personal allegations in politics. We connect with people through our work. We are here for development and making a difference to people's lives, not make personal attacks on anyone," he added.
    Damoh will poll on April 26 along with six other parliamentary seats in the state.
    The Lok Sabha elections in Madhya Pradesh are scheduled to be held in the first four phases--April 19, April 26, May 7, and May 13.