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    Modi violated model code of conduct by sending 'letter' to voters: TMC complains to Election Commission

    The Hawk
    March19/ 2024
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    Trinamool Congress alleges PM Modi violated election conduct by using government funds for campaigning. Derek O'Brien demands Election Commission action against BJP for misusing public resources in Varanasi.

    TMC MP Derek O'Brien and PM Narendra Modi

    Kolkata: The Trinamool Congress has complained to the Election Commission alleging that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is also the BJP candidate from Varanasi, has violated the model code of conduct by using central government funds for campaigning.

    In a letter addressed to the chief election commissioner on Monday, TMC Rajya Sabha MP Derek O'Brien said a message by the PM highlighting his government's programmes reached the electorate on March 16, after the model code of conduct came into force.

    Modi has purportedly written the message in the form of a letter to the voters on March 15, the TMC leader claimed.

    "By using the office of the prime minister, the BJP has issued the aforesaid letter at the cost of the public exchequer under the guise of a message seemingly sent by the Government of India. Such mass circulation is nothing but an appeal to the voters in favour of the BJP and Mr Modi and thereby flouting the mandate of the Election Commission of India," O'Brien said in the complaint.

    He urged the EC to ensure that appropriate directions are issued to the BJP and its candidate Modi to "withhold from future campaigns at the cost of public exchequer, to withdraw the letter...."

    O'Brien said that the cost of sending the prime minister's letter to the electorate should also be included in the accounts of the BJP and Modi against the head 'election expenditure."