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    Man injured in stray cow attack in Gujarat's Mehsana

    The Hawk
    September4/ 2023
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    Mehsana: A man was injured when a stray cow gored him in Gujarat's Mehsana district.

    The incident was caught on video and has been circulating on social media platforms.The video depicts the harrowing encounter between the man and the aggressive cow, shedding light on the escalating issue of stray cattle attacks.

    In the video footage, the stray cow is observed pursuing the man over a distance before ultimately pushing him to the ground. Subsequently, the cow ferociously assaulted the man, employing its horns and trampling him underfoot.

    Local residents responded to the victim's cries for assistance by attempting to ward off the cow using sticks and rods, albeit unsuccessfully.

    The relentless attack left the man with serious injuries, prompting his admission to a nearby hospital for medical treatment.