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    Man fined Rs 33,000 for flouting road rules while shooting 'vulgar' reel

    The Hawk
    March26/ 2024
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    Scooter riders fined Rs 33,000 for violating road safety rules after a video of helmetless riders engaging in a 'vulgar' embrace surfaces online, sparking social media outrage and debates over Holi celebrations and public decency.

    Holi Viral Video Screengrab

    Noida: A scooter-owner was slapped with fines totalling Rs 33,000 for violating road safety rules here after a video surfaced online showing three people riding it without helmets. Moreover, two of them were women who were locked in a “vulgar” embrace as they faced each other and played with colours.

    The suggestive video clip appeared to have been uploaded from the Instagram handle of one of the riders.

    While the two women hug and smear each other on the pillion, a man rides the two-wheeler.

    Purported clips of the reel were seen on social media platforms where several users slammed it for "vulgarity and obscenity" in public.

    Taking cognisance of online complaints on 'X' on Monday, the Noida Traffic Police said, "As per rules, action has been taken against the vehicle concerned for violation of traffic rules by issuing an e-challan (fine of Rs 33,000)."

    The challan has been issued for six of different laws, including the Motor Vehicles Act.

    The penalties were issued for not wearing helmets, dangerous driving, violation of prescribed standards for air pollution, and disobedience of any lawful direction given by the authority, among others, according to the challans.

    Meanwhile, some social media users slammed the video makers for "vulgarity", while it also sparked a debate online which took a communal turn.

    "These people are spreading vulgarity in the name of Holi and Hindu religion. If seen properly, they are bringing a bad name to Hinduism but people are not seeing it this way," an X user wrote in Hindi.

    Another user commented, "First of all these (creators) should be thrashed. They are deliberately bringing disrepute to a festival like Holi.”

    The same content creators recently posted a similar video shot inside a Delhi metro train where the two girls were seen lying down on the ground and applying dry colours on each other and were slammed by several social media users for "vulgarity" and "obscenity".