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    Kejriwal announces survey of street vendors in Delhi to provide them proper space for running shops

    The Hawk
    March16/ 2024
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    Arvind Kejriwal announces a comprehensive survey for 'rehri-patri' vendors in Delhi to allocate shop space, ensuring a harmonious balance with existing shopkeepers and traffic flow, aiming to protect vendors' livelihoods.

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    New Delhi: Ahead of the declaration of Lok Sabha poll dates, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday announced a survey of 'rehri-patri' (street) vendors in the city to provide them space for running their shops.

    In a video message, Kejriwal said the survey would be completed in a few months after which the vendors would be provided space in a proper manner so that there is no problem to other shopkeepers and any traffic issue.

    Kejriwal said his government was committed to ensuring that street vendors were able to earn their livelihood respectably without facing any harassment from police or other authorities.