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    Karti: Pro-Udayanidhi

    Sunil Aswal
    September8/ 2023
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    Soumitra Bose

    New Delhi (The Hawk): Karti: Pro-Udayanidhi: Karti Chidambaram S/o P Chidambaram, Congress BigWig (Many Categorically Opine, He May Well Succeed Mallikarjuna Kharge As Congress President When Its Need Will Arise Any Time...) + Many A Time Central Minister + Country's Economy, Finance Shaper As India's Finance Minister + Security Provider To The Country As India's Finance Minister + What Not...Talking About Karti Chidambaram, Congress MP, He's Fully Zapped, Foxed, Surprised Many As He Is Openly Supporting Udayanidhi Stalin At A Time When The Congress Is Widely Stated To Be In A Deep Quandary, Predicament Due To Udayanidhi's Anti-Sanatan Utterances. These Vociferous Sayings By Him In Broad Public Meeting Are Now Helping The Ruling BJP Go Hammer And Tongs Against The Congress Accusing It To Be Anti-Sanatan Dharma That Is, Anti-Hindu. If Not So Then Congress By Now Would Severe Its I.N.D.I.A. Alliance With Muthuvel Stalin, Udayanidhi Stalin, Their Dravida Munnetra Kazagham Or DMK + Karti Chidambaram If Not Also, His "Appa" P Chidambaram. Since Nothing Of That Sort Has Happened So Far --- There's No Indication Of That As Well --- It's Being Growingly Assertively Assumed That The Congress' Tacit Consent Via Karti To Udayanidhi Stalin Is "Very Much There" And, "That's Why He Openly Dared Say Anti-Sanatan".