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    Yusuf Sweeps Muslims

    Soumitra Bose
    April23/ 2024
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    Yusuf Pathan

    Noted international criceter from Gujarat --- now retired --- swashbuckling, sweeping, swift Yusuf Pathan Sweeps Muslims In West Bengal + Already, As If, He Is A Winner In The MP-Polling In That State, Thanks to his cricket colleague + captain Saurabh Ganguly, now talent-hunting amid the "established cricket players" for his "Didi" Mamata Banerjee so that her party TMC wins "many seats in West Bengal and around up to the N-E including Sikkim in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections". To sway the Muslim voters --- almost, 52 % of the state --- "YusufJee" or "YusufBhai" of Yusuf Pathan is insidiously, assuredly spreading his [Pathan-branded macho charm], amicably talk to the voters on why they should vote for the TMC, discard all others right away. The voters, majority of them Muslims, are cheerfully heeding to him giving every (im)possible indication of voting for the TMC en masse, come what may. As for his winning the MP-poll from West Bengal, it is widely said to be already an assured 'yes' and he will be MP this year itself, "come what may". Add to that, Yusuf Pathan will also campaign for 'normal' TMC candidates as well, say insiders jovially.