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    Independence In 2014

    Soumitra Bose
    April22/ 2024
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    Did India truly gain independence in 2014? Exploring the contentious claims surrounding Narendra Modi's tenure and historical perspectives.

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    Independence In 2014: Accept it or not. Currently, there is a raging exchange of altercations about when India got independence? Most say, 2014, the year of Narendra Modi becoming Prime Minister, he publicly giving all round freedom to the country, its (shackled) people till then, say, castewise, creedwise etc. Those who doggedly maintained India got independence in 1947 were turned to miniscule numbers as they were termed privileged, hence, have no place in the Bharatiya Samaj that compose more than 99.9% country-people who believed and still believe in Bharat Varsha swadheen in 2014 and not before that. And, the swadhinta continues unabated with no hindrance of any kind. As for those --- almost, nil --- who subscribe to the country's actual freedom as per declaration of Subhas Chandra Bose are almost nil. 2014 Jindabaad, shout they all.