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    Sharaan Stumps Salman

    Soumitra Bose
    April22/ 2024
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    Sharaan Dutt with Salman Khan

    Sharaan Stumps Salman: That too in Dubai, within the kingdom / precincts of "mighty" D gang...Sharaan is S/o "illustrious" Sanjay Dutt, now all set to contest the ongoing Lok Sabha elections on Akhilesh Yadav-headed Samajwadi Party ticket. Sharaan --- still unseen by all --- is said to be dashing, debonair, diabolic, just about 100% tailor made for "Aaj Ka No Holds Barred Macho Roles". Salman Khan, according to top sources, has heeded to 'D', opted for Sharaan, he will enact Salman Khan in his US $100-Tn worth film on himself, emanating from last Sunday's open shoot out at his Bandra residence, a ready made film for "all round macho SalluBhai". But now, he will do all in the film except, his own role. That'll be donned by the "D" discovery, Sharaan, thanks to Sanjay Dutt approaching him to launch Sharaan. A success, surely, admit insiders.Truly, Sharaan Stumps Salman, agree insiders.