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    Jarange-Patil Demands Maratha Quotas in 24-Hour Ultimatum to Maha Govt

    The Hawk
    January26/ 2024
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    Shivba Sanghatana Leader Manoj Jarange-Patil's ultimatum to Maharashtra Government sparks a massive Maratha protest in Navi Mumbai. Demands include job recruitment suspension until the Supreme Court verdict and free education for Maratha boys.

    Maratha quota activist Manoj Jarange

    Mumbai: On Friday Manoj Jarange Patil, the leader of Shivba Sanghatana has given the Maharashtra government a 24 hour deadline to release a notification addressing the Maratha quotas and other related demands. Jarange Patil, who is leading a gathering of Marathas in a protest in Navi Mumbai has called for an immediate halt to all job recruitments until the Supreme Court reaches a decision on the curative petition. Additionally he advocates for providing education to Maratha boys, similar to the educational benefits extended to girls from kindergarten to post graduation.

    Jarange Patil stressed that if recruitments continue positions should be reserved for Marathas until the Supreme Court delivers its verdict, on this matter. He also insisted on obtaining data regarding the 54 lakh records of Kunbi Maratha and Maratha Kunbi communities discovered by the government in various districts. He pointed out that 37 lakh certificates have reportedly been issued so far.

    Currently situated in Navi Mumbai alongside thousands of waiting Marathas Jarange Patil has initiated a hunger strike. He has pledged not to end his protest until the government fulfills its promise of granting quotas to both Maratha brothers and sisters.

    On the occasion of Republic Day, a gathering of Marathas proudly waving the tricolour and saffron flags made their way into Mumbai from various entry points. This event is being described as the " battle" for securing reservation in education and employment opportunities for the Maratha community. At the Vashi Assistant Police Commissioners office Jarange Patil unfurled our tricolour symbolizing the determination of the Maratha people. The government has expressed concern about the crowds nearing Mumbai and has been making significant efforts to persuade Jarange Patil to withdraw the protest. They have emphasized how this could disrupt our countrys hub and pose administrative, logistical and law and order challenges.

    In response to this situation, Nana Patole, President of Opposition Congress issued a warning stating that any harm caused to Jarange Patil will not be tolerated. He demanded security, for this leader of Shivba Sanghatana.