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    Indian Army Holds Joint Military Exercise With Sri Lanka Army In Pune, Nepal Army In Pithoragarh

    Inam Ansari
    November22/ 2023
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    Indian Army Holds Joint Military Exercise With Sri Lanka Army

    New Delhi: The Indian Army released a video describing a joint training exercises underway between troops of the Indian Army and Sri Lankan Army.
    In post on X the the Indian Army shared, "The troops of the Indian Army & Sri Lankan Army are undergoing joint training by active participation in a series of training activities including UN Lectures and Tactical Exercises at Foreign Training Node, Aundh, Pune."
    The 12-day joint military exercise between the two Armies, is named Exercise Mitra Shaktil.
    The exercise is being conducted from 16th to 29th November 2023. The Indian contingent, of 120 personnel, is being represented mainly by troops from the Maratha Light Infantry regiment. The Sri Lankan side is being represented by personnel from 53 Infantry Division. 15 personnel from Indian Air Force and five personnel from Sri Lankan Air Force are also participating in the exercise.
    The aim of the exercise is to jointly rehearse conduct of Sub Conventional operations under Chapter VII of United Nations Charter. The Scope of the exercise includes synergising joint responses during counter-terrorist operations. Both sides practice tactical actions such as raid, search and destroy missions, heliborne operations, etc. In addition, Army Martial Arts Routine (AMAR), combat reflex shooting and Yoga also form part of the exercise curriculum.
    Exercise Mitra Shakti- 2023 also involves employment of Drones and Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems besides helicopters. Drills to secure helipads and undertake casualty evacuation during counter-terrorist operations will also be rehearsed jointly by both sides. Collective efforts focus on achieving an enhanced level of interoperability amongst the troops and reduce the risk of life and property while keeping the interests and agenda of the UN at the forefront during peace keeping operations.
    Both sides also exchanged views and practices of joint drills on a wide spectrum of combat skills that will facilitate the participants to mutually learn from each other. Sharing of best practices will further enhance the level of defence cooperation between Indian Army and Sri Lankan Army. The exercise also fosters strong bilateral relations between the two neighbouring nations.
    On Wednesday the Indian Army also released a video of a joint excercise with troops of the Nepal Army in Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand. "Joint Military Exercise #SuryaKiran_2023 between #India & #Nepal will be conducted from 24 Nov to 07 Dec 2023 in Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand. The exercise aims to enhance interoperability in jungle warfare, counter-terrorism operations in mountainous terrain and Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief operations while sharing best practices" the Indian Army said in its post on X. Exercise "Surya Kiran" is conducted annually between India and Nepal with the aim to enhance interoperability in jungle warfare & counter terrorism operations in mountainous terrain and HADR under UN mandate. The joint exercise focus on evolution of combined drills for planning and conduct of tactical operations at unit level in counter terrorism operations and disaster response mechanism in general and role of armed forces in management of disaster. —ANI