Haridwar Police's Stern Action Against Those Using Stolen Vehicles for Expenses

    The Hawk
    November26/ 2023
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    Haridwar Police Strikes Hard: SSP-led Operation Nabs Bike Theft Gang, Recovers 10 Bikes - A Blow to Criminals Fueling Addiction Through Stolen Parts.

    Police arraest the Bike Thieves

    Haridwar (The Hawk): In a robust leadership, Haridwar Police is proving to be a nightmare for criminals. Under the strong leadership of the SSP, the Haridwar Police succeeded in apprehending two cunning accused involved in two-wheeler theft. The police team recovered 10 stolen bikes and parts from the gang, which had executed bike thefts in multiple locations in Haridwar and Uttar Pradesh. The members arrested in the bust used to sale stolen bike parts to fuel their addiction to intoxicants.

    Names of Arrested Accused:

    1. Raav Jaki Ulla, alias Babban, son of Sana Ulla, Kotraavan Thana, Jwalapur, Haridwar.
    2. Manawwar, son of Rustam, Saray Thana, Jwalapur, Haridwar.